"The World of Paulo Coelho" Exhibition


For the first time, Paulo Coelho will be offering a look into his hinterland in an exhibition entitled “The World of Paulo Coelho” covering over 600 m² that will run exclusively at the 30th Geneva Book and Press Fair to be held at Palexpo from April 27th to May 1st 2016.

The exhibition, specially created for this fair and drawing on the active assistance of the writer himself, brings together personal artefacts, books and notebooks photos, records, drawings and poems from his childhood that illustrate the life and journey of this world-renowned author who ranks among the most widely-read and most loved contemporary writers, and also one with the most followers on the Internet. All the objects making up the exhibition place Coelho in a real-life context, allowing visitors to discover or rediscover his works but also to get to know the author in a very tangible and human way. It is totally original, moving and unusual, designed for fans as well as for neophytes. The end result is that this collection of curiosities takes us on a trip that, as the curators put it, reads like a book by none other than Paulo Coelho himself!

For further information, please visit: http://www.salondulivre.ch/fr/pages/le-monde-de-paulo-coelho-12617

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