Paulo Coelho publishes a new novel, 'Adultery'


This 2014 brings a new novel of Brazilian best-selling writer Paulo Coelho. Adultery is the title of his latest piece, and it will be published firstly in Portuguese on April 15th. The English version of the book will hit book stores in August 19th. The novel, dealing with the blurred lines between love and infatuation, adventure and self-sabotage, has gathered excelent reviews and publishers from all over the world, such as Susan Sandon (managing director of Cornerstone Publishing)  or Meru Gokhale (editorial director at Vintage, Random House India) assure it will be an amazing reading experience. According to Jocasta Hamilton, publishing director at Hutchinson, "Paulo Coelho is one of a handful of authors who can claim to have touched the lives of millions and this book will speak to everyone and anyone who has ever wondered 'is this it?'."

"Linda is happily married to a wealthy man, has two children and works as a journalist - she knows she is lucky which only makes her unhappiness more confusing. While being afraid of change, she is also terrified of life continuing as it is. A meeting with a politician, and ex-boyfriend, ignites a side of her she thought had been shut down with far-reaching consequences for everyone. The inspirational message for the reader is that you need to discover the passion in the life you have, not the life you imagine," the book's blurb says.

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