Forty thousand readers gather online to chat with Paulo Coelho


It's not the first time Paulo Coelho organizes a Live Chat to talk with his readers. It is well-known that he is a huge fan of social communities and that he always tries to mantain direct contact with all of his readers. What it is, actually, novelty is the increadible amount of fans that gathered together, last Friday, January 24th, to talk with Brazils most famous writer. Up to 40 thousand users connected that afternoon to Spreecast - the social platform that allows live chats - in order to ask him direct questions. Even though a lot of them were not able to get an answer due to the success of the event, Coelho spent two hours talking to his fans and explaining some of his interesting life experiences.

In fact, Paulo Coelho is the most followed writer and one of the profiles with more engagement, according to the last report Facebook has published (see the picture below). Only on Facebook, Coelho has established direct comunication with more than 16 million fans. And the same goes for Twitter - where he has 9 million followers-, Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr.


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