‘Le manuscrit retrouvé’ comes out today in France


Le manuscrit retrouvé is the French title for Manuscript found in Accra, Paulo Coelho's new novel. The book is launched today in French by Éditions Flammarion.

The story takes its plot from a manuscript found in Accra, but the action takes actually place in 1099 in Jerusalem, while the city awaits the invasion of the crusaders who have surrounded the city’s gates.

Manuscript found in Accra is one of the most expected books of the year. The English edition of the book hit #1 on the Barnes&Noble sales list the day of its publication in the USA, and it has been a best-seller in many other countries, such as Hungary, Greece or Slovakia.

«Maintenant que je suis à la fin de ma vie, je laisse à ceux qui viendront après moi ce que j'ai appris en cheminant sur la terre. Qu'ils en fassent bon usage»

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