2014: Krista Tippett interviews Paulo Coelho

The Alchemy of Pilgrimage

The Brazilian lyricist Paulo Coelho is best known for his book, The Alchemist — which has been on the New York Times bestseller list for over 300 weeks. His fable-like stories turn life, love, writing, and reading into pilgrimage. In a rare conversation, we meet the man behind the writings and explore what he’s touched in modern people.

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2014: Ellen Gamerman interviews Coelho for The Wall Street Journal (Video included)

Paulo Coelho, Fiction's Digital Alchemist

For his latest novel, the best-selling writer and social-media maestro focused on infidelity—and chose a one-word title that pairs well with a hashtag.

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2014: Christina Lamb interviews Paulo Coelho - The Sunday Times

British journalist Christina Lamb meets Paulo Coelho for an exclusive interview for The Sunday Times

"Don't worry, you are not the adulteress in my new book"

2014: Joy Horowitz interviews Paulo Coelho for Goodreads

Journalist Joy Horowitz interviews Paulo Coelho for Goodreads, the largest site for readers and book recommendations. Horowitz is also a contributing editor at the Los Angeles Review of Books, and she is teaching environmental journalism at Harvard.

The interview was published on August 6th and distributed in their August newsletter to their twenty million subscribers.

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2014: Magdalena Kalwas interviews Paulo Coelho in Geneva

Undergraduate journalist Magdalena Kalwas was the Polish student who got to interview the author in his home in Geneve. The interview, fruit of two hours of conversations, was published in Polish magazine Style

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The author, dressed all in black, welcome us with a smile at the door of his Geneva apartment...


2014: Writer Dorothy Kołodziejczyk interviews Paulo Coelho (Radio)

Polish writer Dorothy Kołodziejczyk interviewed Coelho to talk about the new novel of the Brazilian author, Adultery. The conversation that leaded to the radiophonic podcast took place at Coelho's residence in Geneva. 

Polski Radio Podcast

2014: Maria Luisa Agnese interviews Paulo Coelho for 'Io Donna' (Italy)

Journalist Maria Luisa Agnese interviews Paulo Coelho for prestigious Italian magazine Io Donna

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2014: Philippe Vandel interviews Paulo Coelho, France Info, France

Paulo Coelho : "Ecrire, c’est mon but, c'est ma légende personnelle"

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2014: Isabelle Falconnier writes a reportage in Geneve, l'Hebdo, Switzerland

Paulo Coelho nous balade dans la Genève de son nouvel «Adultère»

Reportage. Le Brésilien Paulo Coelho situe à Genève, où il habite depuis huit ans, l’action de son nouveau roman, «Adultère».

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2014: Bernard Lehut interviews Paulo Coelho, RTL Radio, France

Paulo Coelho : "J'écris parce que j'ai envie d'écrire, parce que c'est ma vie"

RENCONTRE - A l'occasion de la sortie mercredi, de son nouveau roman "Adultère", l'écrivain brésilien Paulo Coelho, a accordé un de ses rares entretiens à "RTL".

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