The Winner Stands Alone

In The Winner Stands Alone, Paulo Coelho returns to the important themes of Eleven Minutes and The Zahir.  He offers a novel full of suspense, a mirror image of the world we live in, where our commitment to luxury and success at any cost often prevents us from hearing what the heart actually desires.

Coelho takes us to a Film Festival, where the so-called Superclass gathers things for which most people are prepared to do anything, whatever the cost.

Who will succeed in identifying his or her own personal dream among the many prefabricated dreams – and succeed in making it come true?


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«The Winner Stands Alone is a book rich in ethical complexities, and Coelho handles its tangled threads with his characteristic mastery, trying to exhibit without judging the actions of those involved in the plot...»


«Coelho's true success does not lie in his ability to narrate what he sees but in his gift to reconcile ourselves to the invisible. This is why his books, as Saint-Exupéry would say, are to be read with the heart.»