Paulo Coelho and his wife, Christina Oiticica, are the founders of the Paulo Coelho Institute, a non-profit organization financed exclusively by the author's royalties. Its mission is not to be a charity but to provide support and opportunities for underprivileged and ostracized members of the Brazilian society, especially children, the elderly and the mentally ill.

At present, the Institute provides financial support for Solar Meninos de Luz, Lar Paulo de Tarso, in the Pavão-Pavãozinho community of Rio de Janeiro, which currently looks after 400 children. It started with 80 children in 1996, and its next goal is to grow large enough to support 800 children.

For more information:
Solar Meninos de Luz, Lar Paulo de Tarso
Rua Saint Roman 136, Rio de Janeiro 22071, RJ, Brazil
Phone: +(5521) 2522 9524
Contact: Isabella Maltaroli ( or Yolanda Maltarolia de Moraes Rego (