Sant Jordi Asociados is a literary agency based in Barcelona that represents the worldwide the rights of the best-selling Brazilian author Paulo Coelho. 

Sant Jordi was founded in 1994 by Mônica R. Antunes with a vision to manage the Brazilian writer's career. 

With an expertise in all areas of publishing and media, our experience in dealing directly with more than 170 publishers in over 80 countries has enabled the successful marketing of Paulo Coelho throughout the world. To date, 834 translations of his works have been published with sales totalling around 165 million copies. Paulo Coelho's books have been translated into 80 languages and sold in more than 224 territories. To date, Paulo has published a total of 30 books: 15 novels, 6 books of short stories, 2 adaptations, 2 singles, 2 quotations, 1 anthology, 1 book of fables and 1 TweetBook.

The Alchemist, the novel that started his international trajectory, has had such a great success that in 2009 Paulo Coelho entered the Guinness Book of Records as the Most Translated Author for the same book. 

It is our goal to maximize the value of our client's work by leading the way in branding and licensing. Newspaper columns syndicated in 192 media in 66 countries. Sant Jordi also handles Paulo Coelho's film and theatre rights, lectures. The stationery line now present in 39 countries: 10 diaries, 2 quotations books and 1 journal. 

Besides Paulo Coelho, Sant Jordi also represents Fernando Morais worldwide. Born in 1946 in Brazil, he is one of the most important contemporary biography writers in Latin America and the author of The Magician, the biography of Paulo Coelho, which has been published in 21 languages.